Atelier Bleu was born out of our love for well made jeans and garments. We go crazy over the deep colour of indigo. We love the rough texture of a new jeans. We are like kids with new toys, when wearing a brand new pair of jeans. And we are more than fond of making those jeans unique by living in them and wearing them in our everyday adventures.

Everything starts in 2006 when we (Missak & Jordan) met in high school. Ever since we have shared many hangovers, a lot of adventures and countless stories we'll keep for when our children are old enough. To this day we remain close friends.

Mid 2013, Missak was working as a student in a great store in the center of Brussels that sold premium brands. Thats where he got familiar with selvedge jeans and quality garments through the passion of his manager (if he reads this he'll recognize himself). Jo' discovered denim and selvedge jeans on his own, having bought a selvedge Jeans abroad in a specialised store.

Atelier Bleu About Us Owners

Late 2013, we were talking about Jo's beautiful selvedge jeans. We realised that it was quite complicated to get ourselves a pair of good jeans or some quality garments in Belgium, unless we traveled abroad or bought online. That's when the lightbulb moment happened. At first intended as a joke, the idea of opening a store became very quickly very serious. A year later we started reaching out to brand owners and creators, writing up a serious business plan and hunting for the perfect location. 

1st October 2016, Atelier Bleu opened it's doors. 
We now serve you with the finest modern classics and denim brands from around the world.