Merz B Schwanen

Peter Plotnicki and his wife, Gitta, are the ones responsable for bringing Merz B. Schwanen back to life in 2011. Located in the original factory, using only the highest quality bio-cotton, produced by certified European suppliers. Merz B. Schwanen produces garments with over a century of character and experience. All materials are 100 percent natural and thus are very skin- and ecofriendly. It is safe to say that these products are probably the most luxurious and well made cotton basics in Europe.  At Merz b. Schwanen, all manufacturing processes are made with know-how, honest craftsmanship and passion. The sewing is handled by independent manufacturers in the Swabian Alps, the labels are loomed on a traditional Jaquard loom from the 19th century. Even the boxes the shirts come in are produced by a family business following the original designs. All these authentic production processes turn every single Merz b. Schwanen garment into something really special – full of passion and appreciation from every man and woman involved.