How do you actually select the right jeans?

How do you actually select the right jeans?

This article is for you newbies, who have little to no experience in purchasing a fresh pair of raw denim. We'll go over whatever you need to know, so you know what to search for and what to expect when purchasing your first pair of blue denim.

Here at Atelier Bleu when purchasing a pair of jeans, we like to keep 4 essential points in mind:

1) The Fit
2) The Style
3) The Budget
4) The Brand

The Fit

This is the crucial point where you'll either make it or break it. The fit will determine how much of a blast you'll have wearing your jeans. 

It's not rocket science, just common sense. To select the right fit you have to have a good look at yourself and how your body is made.

If you're the skinny kind you would rather go towards slim and skinny fits, avoid large and loose fits. Otherwise you'll look like a bag of potatoes. On the other hand if you're more of the chubby kind, then you would go for the loose fits. So you avoid looking like squashed sausage in slim jeans.

This is not a set rule. Keep in mind sometimes you can get away with fits that would normally not suit your body type.

The Style

The style won't be much without the fit. You could get the most stylish jeans out there, although without them fitting you great, you won't look that great.

Everything is in the details. The style of your jeans is determined by these little details. The denim, texture of the denim, the colour of the denim, stitching, selvedge colour, thread colours, patches, labels, tags, buttons, zips, rivets. All these individual things put together will make your jeans have a fantastic or poor style. Once the style is there you have to make sure it fits you to a T. Otherwise its useless.

Nobody said finding the right jeans was easy.

Once you'll be more acquainted with selvedge denim, the smallest of details could be a good enough reason for you to buy a jeans or not buy a jeans. 

The Budget

You're budget should be decided upon, before heading out to go denim hunting. Think about what you are willing to pay for a pair of raw denim and try to stay in your price range. Down the road it will help you make your choice.

Although it goes without saying that we are talking about a quality item here. If well maintained and treated well, raw denim is very durable and could last you years. 

Our advice is to follow the motto "buy less, buy better". Meaning that it is, in our opinion, way smarter to buy 1 hell of a jeans at 200€, than buying two crappy jeans at 100€ each. Not only will that jeans obviously be of better quality, it will also actually be a lot more valuable to you. Hence you'll wear it more often than you think, with a lot more love.

The Brand

Once all these points have been taken care of, then you can start thinking about the brand you intended on purchasing.

You would be astonished how many people buy cloths only because of the name or the logo. They completely disregard the three previous points. If they are lucky, really lucky, really really lucky, the three previous points are fulfilled. We don't have anything against buying a brand for its name, its just a pity to purchase items based on such superficial criteria.

There are brands out there with so much more values, rich storytelling and incredible associations. You will most likely select a brand based upon what it makes you feel and how you relate to it. So might as well do your research on the brand and figure out which one talks to you the most.



- Loosely translated from Denim Hunters -