Atelier Bleu's way of washing jeans

Wash, never wash, hand wash, machine wash, put in the freezer, the questions go on and on. To this day the maintenance of jeans still remains complicated or misunderstood by a lot of you guys. But don't worry, first of all there are no written rules when it comes to washing your jeans. Second, we are going to share with you our way of washing and caring for our beloved jeans. Third, you'll be ready to wash your jeans just fine after having read this post.

In this article we've come up with what works best for us, that does not mean our way of doing is the absolute truth or the best way. If you're here because you want to wash your jeans you're in the right spot. Yet if you don't want to wash your jeans thats fine too. You're the one that will have to deal with your girlfriend afterwards anyways.

So let's get to it. Starting off with the one significant advantage to not washing your jeans. It helps you create a jeans with unique character. For instance, contrasts, fades and nuances will start revealing themselves where the indigo is fading. By wearing your jeans for hours and hours on end, its going to shift and shape itself to your body's curves. Hence fit you better.

The jeans will end up being like your lucky charms pants, your second skin or just become a beautifully and well aged jeans with more character than your step-mother.

On the other hand, if you wash your jeans too soon after having bought them, they will not acquire as much personality. Simply because washing the jeans will fade them evenly all over and your body shape that was printed into the jeans will disappear through the wash. So basically, the longer you wait before the first wash the more you'll get out of them.

Unfortunately the day where you are going to wash your jeans will eventually come. In our opinion with our two different washing methods (that are most definitely only a slight variation of somebody else's method) you will be all set up to give your jeans a well deserved wash. 

Here at Atelier Bleu we go from Lazy Wash to Old School Wash and back. Both of our methods work just fine for us. Although we agree that the Old School Wash gives us better end results on the long haul regarding fades and general fabric texture and feel. The Old School Wash will also be less violent and aggressive for the fabric if you wash your jeans often.

We hope this helped you demystify the adventure of Jeans washing.

See you around guys.

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